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This website is based on information researched, compiled and digested by Jeffry Burden of Richmond, Virginia.

Please contact me for further information on this project; with questions on any of the men listed on this site; or with information on others not listed, but who you believe may have been buried on Shockoe Hill. There are many other names I have compiled who possibly were among the more than 600 soldiers and civilians originally interred there, but for whom I lack enough additional evidence to consider them either "confirmed" or "possible" burials. With help, we may be able to identify many more of the Soldiers of Shockoe Hill.

I welcome additional information, your questions, and your comments:
The Story of The Soldiers and their Marker
Names by State of Service - CA to NY
Names by State of Service - OH to WI, plus USA, USN & Civilians
Introduction: The Soldiers of Shockoe Hill
Mike Gorman of the National Park Service has developed an outstanding website focusing on Civil War Richmond, including its prisons and hospitals, at:
An excellent website dealing with the burial and remembrance of Union POWs in South Carolina (including many belonging to regiments mentioned here), can be found at:
The Shockoe Hill Cemetery marker, with downtown Richmond visible in the background.
The portion of the Richmond National Cemetery where the Shockoe Hill dead rest today.
The marker in Shockoe Hill Cemetery was placed at the request of the Virginia Commandery, Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States, the oldest Civil War descendants' organization. Find out more about the Loyal Legion by contacting me, or by visiting:
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Special thanks to Courtney Fleenor of the Virginia Commandery of MOLLUS for his work in devising and developing the marker concept; to the staff members at the City of Richmond cemeteries office for their interest and cooperation; to the Department of Veterans Affairs' Memorial Services Program; and to all researchers of particular units and descendants of the soldiers named here who have generously responded to my requests for help and information.
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